The Botanical Time Traveller begins ….

While I was sorting out my mother’s flat, I found a cardboard box in her meter cupboard. Inside I found the writing and research for a novel she had attempted. I decided that I owed it to her to refresh it, edit it and to see what I can do about getting it published.

Both my parents were interested in botany. My father studied it at degree level, but could not finish his qualification as his own father died suddenly. My mother achieved an NVQ in Floral Design after she retired from the NHS as a medical secretary.

‘The Botanical Time Traveller’ is a series of linked stories, some originating from my mother, and some from me. I grew up in the Sixties, and watched the first episodes of ‘Dr Who’, and ‘Star Trek’. So I enjoy some science fiction, but I also love history, and I enjoy a bit of gardening too.

So, follow this blog, as The Botanical Time Traveller comes to life …..